Space 1889 When Worlds Collide

Act 1, Epilogue: A pause for reflection

A bittersweet victory gives our heroes time to reflect upon their next mission

Though victorious in their efforts to prevent the dastardly schemes of the New Trinity Church, our heroes’ jubilation is somewhat diluted by the death of Felice at Crossness, not to mention Reverend Humbert’s escape upon the Esmeralda.

Nonetheless, the foiling of Humbert’s scheme to poison London’s water supply with the horrific green ichor is a triumph. Reading the newspapers it becomes clear that despite Humbert’s obvious involvement in the plan, the authorities will likely pin the majority of the blame on his subordinate, Cutter. After all, the scandal is already the talk of London…imagine the questions that would be asked were such a luminary of London society as Edward Humbert be implicated in the crimes?

Despite the efforts of Inspector Frume of Scotland Yard to apportion some blame for the destruction of New Trinity Mission upon our heroes, there is very little beyond circumstantial evidence to implicate them. This lack of evidence, coupled with a quiet word in the right ears from a certain Mr Ingram ensures no further action is taken. However, the Admiral does make it clear that an expedition to Cairo might be a prudent plan at this juncture; even if just to allow the scandal in London to die down somewhat.

At least Barnabus Rutherford can consider the case of Miss Clarke’s letters satisfactorily resolved. With the incriminating communiques now returned to their rightful (and thoroughly chastened) owner, there is one less scandal able to rock London society. The successful conclusion of the case is almost payment enough, though the banker’s draft for fifteen pounds that arrives a few days later proves more substantial a payment.

Reflecting upon what they have learned during the investigation into Sir Malcolm Wells’ death, so many questions still remain unanswered. Why would the New Trinity Church plan such an attack against London? Were they in league with England’s enemies? Why was Cutter so interested in the Royal Navy’s English Channel defence plans? Could the murderous villain have added treason to his list of crimes? With political tensions high in Europe, the loss of such plans to Britain’s enemies could have been disastrous.

As pointed out by Doctor Ellerson, the Reverend Kipps had recently returned from Central Africa. The dastardly Germans are increasingly active in that region. Could they be behind the scheme in London? Could it be part of a larger attack? After all, the German fleet has been sighted leaving the Baltic Sea as tensions continue to rise over the activation of the two orbital cannons on Princess Alice Station.

Regarding the creatures dubbed ‘goo ninjas’. How did the New Trinity Church gain the knowledge to create such horrors? The notes discovered the Mission indicated a connection between the creatures and a strange fungus native to the northern Martian ice cap. And who is Kamallah? He evidently provided the substance, but who does he work for? Is he man or Martian and who is he in league with? Only investigation in Cairo will shed light upon that.

What of the tablet? Obviously, the New Trinity Church was seeking to secure it for itself, but to what end? What are the strange markings on the tablet, and what language are they written in? Perhaps Professor McGuinness in Cairo can shed some more light on them. What is the connection between the tablet and the strange symbol carved into the window sill of Sir Malcolm’s office? The symbol is obviously formed from the same language, but what does it represent and who would still use such an ancient and obscure glyph in this day and age? Again perhaps Professor McGuinness can provide some answers.

Perhaps these mysteries will be unravelled as our heroes face further tests of their courage in…

Peril in the Desert!!!



Questions arising from the newspaper:

- US scientist goes missing in Northern Mars – related to the source of the goo – also from the same region?
- British Commander in Mars is Major-General Mansfield-Clarke. Related to Admiral Clarke (and his daughter)? Could be that the Martian Commander was the real target, not the Admiral?
- Russian nicking stuff in Egypt – we might want to look into these artifacts. Anyone got any links to the Black Market?
- Whats the reward offered for the lizard? There’s a side adventure right there if ever we need one…


Answers to questions arising from the newspaper:

- US Scientist goes missing on Martial Expedition – further enquiries regarding this story reveal that Mr Hemingway was conducting his experiments in the Cydonia region of Mars, near the Imperial German Territories and the French Colonial Authority’s holdings.

Major-General Mansfield-Clarke is not directly related to Admiral Ignatius Warrington Clarke (Miss Clarke’s father), though possibly he could have been a target.

Russian tomb raider – Somebody in the party does know the Russian himself.

The reward for the Lizard’s safe return is £20 for its return alive. It was last spotted swimming in the waters near Tilbury Docks on the Thames Estuary.


For reference, I’ve changed the Space 1889 Roll20 page to show a map of Mars.


Cool map! Could you add an indication as to where we believe the source of the goo is?


That inspector better watch himself, or he’ll wake up one morning brutally beaten to death.

Degriz Degriz

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