Chief Engineer McGee, RN

Fixes engines, breaks skulls


Agility d8
Smarts D6
Strength D8
Spirits D6
Vigor D6

Naval Petty Officer
Brawny (add1 Toughness, 8xWeight Limit)
Pugilist (STR+D6 with fists)
Brawler (+2 Damage with fists)
Martial Artist (Never unarmed)

Obligation (Minor)
Jingoistic (Major)
Habit (Foul-smelling cigarillos)

Boating (agi) D4
Fighting (agi) D8
Knowledge (sm) (Gunnery) D4
Knowledge (sm) (Trimsman) D4
Piloting (agi) D4
Repair (sm)D6
Swimming (agi) D4
Shooting (agi) D8
Notice (sm) D6


Chief McGee, long-serving Engineering Petty Officer

The first thing people often notice about Chief McGee is that he has truly enormous fists. The second is that across the large and heavily-scarred knuckles of his right hand is tattooed the word
“HATE”. The equally scarred knuckles of his left hand read: “MORE HATE”.
This should really be all the information the more perspicacious students of human nature need to know about Chief McGee, although the particularly sharp-eyed may also note that his sleeves bear several long service marks and his chest bears ribbons for valour, while awards for good behavior are entirely absent

Chief Engineer McGee, RN

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