Barnabas Rutherford

London's foremost consulting detective


Esteemed and world-renowned detective, having solved some of London’s most notorious crimes along with my associate, Lieutenant Wolesley of the 9th Royal Lancers. Not heard of me? (Deep sigh)… Its that damn Sherlock Holmes isnt it… Always stealing the limelight with his stupid hat and ‘intellectual’ one-liners. I’m sick of him. Only earlier this year I spent 6 days in the sewers underneath Fitzrovia as my alter-ego, Tom Fink, uncovering the dastardly plot and finally recovering the fabled ‘Star of Punjab’ – the fabulous diamond. And where did that get me? One paragraph on page 18 of The Times! And there was Holmes – Front page and covering all of pages 2, 3 and 4 – all because he’s found some overgrown mutt somewhere in the West Country! Sick of him I tell you!


Barnabas Rutherford

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